Completed Work


Here are some of the ways we have added capability for
companies using QuickBooks for their basic accounting, financial
and management.

DentaLab for QuickBooks

Specialized software designed for dental lab work.


DentaLab for QuickBooks provides all of the basic components for entry, scheduling, and tracking of cases or work orders based on dental prescriptions.

 We synchronize customers, jobs, employees, items, and invoicing information with QuickBooks. Check out more about the project here.

Advanced Backup Protocols

We have developed specialized backup software in conjunction with QuickBooks and SQL. The advanced protocols allow the user to have full control with multiple automatic schedules to multiple locations and a choice of encryption methods. They are fast, autonomous, secure and have multiple levels of verification.

Barcode Tracking

Barcodes allow for fast, error-free input. Some of our barcode tracking projects support managing production workflows, quality control, and shipping. On top of this, we synchronize in elements of QuickBooks to be used in conjunction with barcode scanning.

Customer Centers

A Customer Center that gathers both QuickBooks and information from one or more additional software systems into one resource can be immensely valuable to business development and customer retention.  Customer profiles and histories can be combined with alerts for future actions and can be made available for secured in-house and remote access.


We have experience creating custom dashboards that are updated in real-time. This specialized software allows the user to better visualize workflow, production numbers, and more.

Digital Transmission

Digital transmission is more important than ever. Some of our software is designed around fast, automatic sending of documents and files. We can easily transfer files via camera, email and image scanning.


QuickBooks integration allows easier notification to yourself or to your customers. We have developed software that automatically notifies customers when invoices are created, steps are completed, or errors occur.

Employee Incentives

The employee incentive projects we have completed go beyond QuickBooks in work assignments, tracking of work completions and various methods of monitoring and compensating employees.

Material Disclosure

Many companies need to maintain material disclosure for government compliance, safety, and recalls. We have developed custom software to track the manufacturer, part or description, and batch/lot/piece identifiers used in the production of QuickBooks items.

Web Portals

We have experience in creating web portals so that customers can make submittals, requests, transfer digital documents and lookup the status of current orders as well as histories.  These web portals can combine information from both QuickBooks and software for specific industries.

Here are some of our recent custom projects to synchronize with QuickBooks:

  • Financial Tracking System for Academic, Commercial, Government Contracts
  • Data Conversions from a variety of formats
  • Data Migration and Transition moving data from legacy systems to modern
  • International Systems (multi-language, currency, communications)
  • Price Level Editor/Calculator for custom product configurations to create QuickBooks invoices
  • Custom Reporting Tool Synchronizing from QuickBooks Online


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