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For QuickBooks, custom programming and general computing needs – Mainstreet Systems & Software Inc has got you covered.

We Specialize in Synchronizing and Integrating with QuickBooks.

We can add new capabilities to QuickBooks, have other software interact with QuickBooks, create new reports from your QuickBooks records, convert information from your old software to QuickBooks, and much more. We are experts at working with QuickBooks.


Your Software or Custom Built Software

Synchronize or Integrate

Intuit QuickBooks

We can work with your existing software or custom build new software that will interact with QuickBooks.

What is the difference between integration and synchronization?

Synchronization means that your software and QuickBooks work hand-in-hand to transfer information back and forth in real time. Over our years of experience with QuickBooks synchronization, we have developed a top-notch tool for this connection.

Integration typically involves importing and/or exporting of information to and from QuickBooks tables. These transactions take place at specific intervals in separate steps. We can help you determine whether integration or synchronization will meet your needs..

The prospect of exchanging information with QuickBooks can be overwhelming.
The good news is you have options.

New Capabilities

Does QuickBooks not do something you need? We can put all the different puzzle pieces together.
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Here are some of the ways we have added capability to QuickBooks through synchronized software:

  • Scheduling and tracking workflow
  • Special product configurations with pricing
  • Tracking multi-stage projects and budgets
  • Multi-language, multi-currency international sales and production
  • Custom products/services based on customer preferences
  • Fulfillment of prescriptions
  • And more…

Client Interaction

Do you wish your users could interact with QuickBooks in a different way? We can change that interaction.

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Whether locally or from remote locations, your software can be designed to provide for whatever interactions are needed with customers, prospects, vendors and other business associates.

Save Time and Money

Our goal will be to develop an effective solution that will save you both time and money.
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When determining whether to develop custom software, two of the critical factors are saving or gaining time and money.  All of the projects we have developed to synchronize with QuickBooks achieved these goals. We can explore the possibilities with you and provide guidance in many ways for the software and hardware involved in your information systems.

Financial Tracking

Do you need more detailed tracking on the progress of your large contracts?
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We have experience working with large academic, commercial and government contracts that involve multiple stages, work assignments, tracking labor, material, overhead and other costs vs budgets, intricate fee structures, progress completions, reporting requirements and other details beyond the basic accounting and financial management of QuickBooks.

Custom Reporting

We can create new reports or combine QuickBooks with your existing data and create custom reports.

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QuickBooks has been remarkable in providing for the creation of a wide variety of reports based on criteria and formats set by the user.  If you need to go beyond the framework QuickBooks provides or if you need to combine your QuickBooks information with data from another software system, we can develop software to do this.

Converting Information

We have experience in transferring information from a variety of software systems and technologies to QuickBooks.
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From our work with a number of conversions, we have developed a protocol to transfer information from other software systems to QuickBooks tables for customers/jobs, items, employees, vendors and transactions.


If the other software can export to one of the industry standard formats such as Excel, CSV, SQL, this is the best scenario.   If the data format is not standard, we can explore to determine which fields of information can be transferred.

Custom Programming

We build powerful, cost-effective custom applications and add-ons for QuickBooks or as standalone softare.
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If you’re in need of a solution to a specific business problem, or are a development firm in need of supplemental development, or are a system integrator that needs a solution built for a client, we can work with you to meet your requirements.

We can accommodate your particular preferences and expectations. Most custom software solutions are designed around performing a set of critical functions, such as content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management, and many others. We can become your development partner and will work hard to earn your loyalty.

Mainstreet Systems and Software Inc also specializes in designing custom software that can synchronize with QuickBooks, the #1 best-selling business accounting and financial management software

Web-Based Services

Do you need a better way to interact with QuickBooks in an online setting? We specialize in web-based services.
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Would you like to create competitive advantages by offering new web-based services to your customers beyond those offered by QuickBooks? QuickBooks provides options for a number of web-based services such as payment processing, shipping services and bank transactions. You can add to the list by adding more apps such as specialized design, pricing and ordering, prescription submittals, special requests, driver pickups and deliveries, order status and histories…. and many more.

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